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Poppies Preschool 344 Gardiners Road- our country preschool

Poppies Preschool, 61 St Martins Road

Poppies Preschool 61 St Martins Road

ERO (Education Review Office) 

ERO visited us in April 2017 at both Poppies. At Gardiners Road ERO said "Children make very good use of the spacious, well-presented environments to engage in imaginative play and develop their physical and creative skills" "Infants and Toddlers receive a high level of care and nurturing.  Children are happy and relaxed in the nursery environment". To read the full report click here

At St Martins ERO said ".Teachers provide well-managed porgrammes that recognise children's interests.  They ensure that learning opportunities are meaningful and enjoyable for children." "Children' s readiness for school is well recognised and supported." "Teachers in the nursery provide responsive caregiving and are nurturing in their approach" To read the full report click here

Welcome to Poppies Preschool! 

Poppies Preschool's are family run and operated, proudly owned by RIchard and Jeanette Allison. Located in beautiful character villas we are now at two locations, 61 St Martins Road  and 344 Gardiners Road. At both of our Preschools we offer three seperate inside and outside areas.  Our Nurseries cater for children from birth to two years, the Preschool Room for two to approximately three year olds and the Prepschool for the older children.  

We have better ratios than the Ministry of Education Requirements to allow us to deliver a quality programme for your children.  Our nursery ratios are one staff member to four children, our Preschool ratios range from one staff member to four children to one staff member to seven children.  Our Prepschool ratios range from one staff member to six children to one staff member to nine children.  Legal government ratios are one staff to five children in the nursery and for older children two staff to twenty children.

We have committed and passionate qualified teachers and have our own relieving staff to ensure consistency at all times.

This is what some of our parents say about us at Poppies:

"Best Preschool ever!! All four of our boys have thrived at this centre. All staff are attentive to the child's needs and parents are always informed on progress.  We will miss the Poppies family after 10 years."  Megan Cozzone, Poppies St Martins

"We can't thank you enough for everything you've done for Katya over the last three years.  Poppies has been the most fanastic, nurturing, loving, wonderful place and we know that all your input, guidance and support of our girl has helped shape her into the kind, loving, smart and funny little centre of our lives.  Thank you doesn't even begin to cover it." Amanda & Ravil Atlas, Poppies St Martins

"Both my children have been at Poppies  since it opened.  During that time they have grown, learnt and had experiences that we are both grateful for.  They have loved attending and the staff have always been fabulous accommodating to their needs...We cannot thank you all enough for what you have provided for our children." Sheree & Dan Rosewarne, Poppies Gardiners Road

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