building confident and capable children

that respect each other and the environment

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Welcome to Poppies Preschool

Poppies Preschool's are family run and operated, proudly owned by Richard and Jeanette Allison.  Located in beautiful character villas with large natural playgrounds we are at two locations in Christchurch, 61 St Martins Road  and 344 Gardiners Road.  We also offer Child care in Rangiora at Peppertree and Little Peppertree Preschools. Our Preschools offer three seperate inside and outside areas.  Our Nurseries cater for children from birth to two years, the Preschool Room for two to approximately three year olds and the Prepschool for the older children.  

We have better teacher child ratios than Ministry of Education requirements to allow us to deliver a quality programme for your children.

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Why choose Poppies?

We have spacious, natural and homely environments with vege gardens, fruit trees and hens

We have seperate inside and outside areas for our different age groups with better teacher child ratios than required.

We regularly go on excursions into our community

We are family owned and operated.

Our programme has a nice balance of free play and structure administered by our hard working dedicated staff

We teach our children to be respectful of our precious environment, our resources and each other.