What do I need to bring?



Please provide enough named bottles, nappies and food that your baby requires for the day.  Please advise staff of your babies usual feeding routine.   If your child uses cloth nappies please provide nappy liners and a nappy wet bag. You can purchase these through us click here for further information.  Dome and velcrose cloth nappies are Ok but no pin nappies please.  For healthy and safe food ideas for under two's click here

Older Children

Please provide your child with a healthy nutritious lunch in a named lunch box and a seperate named container for morning tea with a few healthy choices eg fruit and sandwiches.  Please provide food in the way it is safe for your child to eat it eg sliced apple, cut up sausages.   Click here for the Ministry of Health's recommendations to reduce food related choking in young children.

We have been awarded the healthy food award and follow healthy eating guidelines. Please ensure your child can make two healthy choices and one fresh choice from their lunchbox. We ask that you don't send any loose nuts. If we have children with nut allergies then we are completely nut free in that room. We also ask that you don’t send lollies, chocolate bars and fruit strings.   

Children are encouraged to bring their own named drink bottle/sipper cup (water only please, no fizzy or juice).


All children require a complete change of clothes each day. Children undergoing toilet training will need extra underwear, trousers, shoes, socks etc.  Please also provide a named wetbag as we don't have plastic bags.  Please ensure your child has sturdy footwear and clothing suitable for an active Preschool day.  We ask that your child wears sunsafe clothing which covers shoulders and brings a named sunhat (terms one and four) and a woolly hat, and warm jacket for the winter months.  

Sunblock is applied to all day children in the afternoon, in terms one and four.  Please sun block your child before coming to Preschool.

What is the proceedure for signing in and out

Please sign your child in and out each day and please keep to your booked times as this affects our staffing ratios.  If someone else is picking up your child please note their name on the signing in/out sheet or ring us to inform us of any changes.  Under no circumstances will a child be released to a person who is unauthorised.  Please phone us if your child is going to be absent.  If you are going on holiday please complete a holiday form by the sign in register or let us know.

What happens if my child is on medication?

Please advise staff if your child is taking any medication and complete our medication form by the sign in register. If your child has had pamol or other pain relief (excluding teething gels) within 12 hours they are required to stay at home.

To ensure the well being of your child, other children and staff members we can’t accept children who are unwell (not limited to infectious diseases) and require you to keep your child at home for 48 hours after vomiting/diarrhea.  If your child has had a fever, rash or sticky eyes, or has commenced antibiotics he/she will need to be kept at home until symptoms have settled for at least 24 hours unless a doctors certificate is provided. 

Children who become ill during the day will be made comfortable and we will do our best to contact you or your child’s emergency contacts as soon as possible.

What happens if my child is sick?

Your child needs to be well enough to cope with an active Preschool day.  We cannot accept your child if they are infectious or unwell in any way.  We follow Crown Public Health’s exclusion guidelines for infectious diseases including measles, mumps, chicken pox etc.  For details on infectious diseases please follow this link.

How does my child sleep at Preschool?

We have a quiet sleep room with cots and stretcher beds for the Nursery children and cater for their individual sleeping patterns.  Preschool children have a set sleep time after lunch for those that need it, in a quiet area with stretcher beds.  Bed linen is provided by us and washed at the Preschool.  It’s a good idea to pack your child’s favourite cuddly for sleep times.

How do I settle my child?

We encourage you to spend as much time as possible with your child at Preschool before leaving them.  This is to ensure that you are both happy and confident with the new environment. It is a good idea to come at a similar time to when your child’s session would start.  We encourage you to bring your child’s own named cuddly or special toy from home during the settling period. You are always welcome to drop in during the day and to phone us at any time. 

How can I be involved?

We encourage parent involvement and believe it is important for us to know you and your child as well as we can.   There are always opportunities to get involved with our monthly focuses, excursions and special events or pop in anytime and join us in our programme. You can also be involved in your child's learning by contributing to Storypark.

What is your philosophy and programme?

For information on our Philosophy, our Programme and Profile books please click here.

Parent Portal and Facebook

Your child’s account, Preschool newsletters and other Preschool information can be viewed online via our parent portal called info-care.  

We also record your child's learning online through Storypark.  Through this you will be able to view and contribute to your child's learning portfolio. You can also invite other people to view this.

We also have facebook pages which are a way of seeing some of the fun things that happen during the day.  Links to facebook are on our home page if you would like to follow us.

General Information
  • Our policies are available for you to read.  Please ask staff members.  We also review our policies regularly and value your input.
  • We encourage feedback and welcome the opportunity to discuss your child’s needs and involvement in our programme.
  • Please read our monthly newsletters, notice boards and view our parent portals online. 
  • Please contact us if you have any queries or concerns.  We appreciate your feedback!