Preschool Room

Our Preschool room offers seperate spaces inside and out for children from two to approximately three and a half years of age. It allows children a place to grow and learn during a time when they are changing and developing so much. Our ratios in the Preschool range between one teacher to four children to one teacher to seven children.  This is much lower than legal required ratios of two staff to 20 children.

With these great ratios we can support the children to develop independence, build relationships and with  toiletting.

Our Preschool outdoor environment is large offering an oversize sandpit, bike track, a fort to climb and slide down as well as swings and spaces to explore.  We set up equipment and resources to accommodate children's interests and stage of development.

Our inside space provides children with a quiet, calm environment to sleep on stretcher beds after lunch if needed and a fireplace to keep us warm and cosy in winter.

Our daily routine includes grouptimes with stories, music and movement. During free play time the children are offered a variety of art experiences and resources to support individual learning.

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