Our Philosophy

"We aim to provide quality childcare and preschool education in an environment that is homely, safe, caring, happy and stimulating meeting the needs of each child and their whanau"

"We use a mixture of structure, freeplay and carefully planned experiences in both the inside and outside environments. We also use people and places within our Poppies and wider community to expand our children's learning environment, to inspire and nurture in children a love of and confidence to become life long learners"

Most of all we believe early childhood to be a time of great importance where learning and living are one and the same."

Abbreviated. For full philosophy click here

Our Programme

Our programme is based on the curriculum for early childhood centres - Te Whaariki. We provide the children with opportunities to explore the 16 areas of play. We carefully plan our indoor and outdoor environments to meet the children's individual learning goals providing them with stimulating and fun activities. The Nursery, Middleroom and Preproom each have a monthly focus coming from the children's interests. Our focus of learning each month relates to the children's interests or happenings within our environment. Planned experiences include dress up days, excursions out into the community and carefully planned activities to extend childrens learning.

Profile Books

Each child at Poppies has their own profile book which is a record of their learning journey. The profile books contain learning stories (narrative documentations of your child's learning), photos, milestone achievements and learning goals for each child. Learning goals are set by the parents twice each year. Teachers then use teaching strategies to support your child's learning and development to meet goals. Progress and outcomes are documented through learning stories.

You are welcome to add and contribute to your child's profile books at any time.

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